A Research Project on Hybrid Experiences

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WeeWaa 2WeeWaa is an unreleased game concept by Zoink that combines a Wii remote with a plush toy. The player places a Wii remote in a wacky looking plush character called WeeWaa, which can then be “walked”, “jumped”, etc. making the virtual WeeWaa act correspondingly on the screen.

Originally debuting in 2009, the slip-in-toy-come-hybrid WeeWaa, for Nintendo’s Wii, never saw the day of light beyond the acclaim its demo version received on various game summits. Since then, it has dropped off the radar completely. “We did finish the game for Wii, and the tech and gameplay [were] working really good”, Klaus Lyngeled, the creative director of Zoink, says. Zoink even designed the plush toy themselves and set up production for it in China. “But the investor and publisher didn’t go through with publishing it since the Wii market wasn’t strong enough”, Lyngeled laments. Eventually Zoink decided to take the assets and designs for the story, characters, and universe and recycle them into a mobile game for iOS and Android called WeeWaa RockOn! (though the game mechanics don’t bare a resemblance to the original game). The plush toy game was not converted to smart devices because it would have meant designing custom electronics for the plush, Lyngeled explains.

The status of the original WeeWaa is on hold. It is possible that WeeWaa could see a possible future on Wii U which supports the Wii remote.