A Research Project on Hybrid Experiences

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Invizimals 1Invizimals is an augmented reality based collectible-creature-game for the PlayStation Portable. It involves players catching and raising various creatures and doing battle with them. It was bundled with the PSP camera peripheral on launch.

Drawing comparisons to Pokémon, Invizimals involves players capturing and raising different species of creatures and battling other users or an AI opponent with them. Unlike Pokémon however, Invizimals requires the player to hunt and capture these creatures within the real world, using the concept of augmented reality, a camera attachment for the PlayStation Portable, and a physical “trap”, a square-shaped device used as a fiduciary marker. Monsters are spawned at different environments determined by colors of surfaces and time of day. Players are able to raise and level their monsters, and allow them to learn different attacks that can be used in battle. The trap can be used to view the monster collection and take pictures of it.

The player will be able to collect 100+ Invizimals during the course of the game. Each Invizimal has different attacks, powers, and skills. The player can level up their Invizimals by collecting “Watts”. The higher the level, the stronger the Invizimal.