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Balloon paperApp

ImageThe Balloon paperApp by les editions volumiques combines a papercraft hot air balloon with an iPad app. The paper balloon, placed on the iPad and appearing to float due to a shadow effect, can be directed by finger swipes simulating bursts of wind.

The Balloon paperApp combines a small papercraft balloon with an iPad video game. While the app is free, the Balloon is delivered in a regular picture book which, on its last page, features a pop-up paper hot air balloon to lay on top of the iPad screen (thus “continuing” the journey of a hot air balloon featured in the book).

The player lays the hot air balloon pop-up on top of the iPad screen, after which a swipe of a finger lifts the balloon in air. The player controls the direction of the wind and tries to hit tags on the ground by landing on them. The illusion of the paper craft floating is achieved, simply enough, by the app displaying a virtual shadow “cast” by the balloon (from large to small depending on the altitude of the balloon). The balloon drifts gracefully over the virtual scenery (depicted in stylistically minimalistic fashion), flies through the clouds, passes close to birds and other characters, and is able to land any time.