A Research Project on Hybrid Experiences

List of cases

Here is  a list of all the cases that we have stumbled on so far. Let us know if something is missing. There are a few cases on the list that were never released (NR) and a few cases that have upcoming release dates marked with ‘~’ symbol.

Name Category Year
Blythe dolls Adult collectibles 1972
Leather Goddesses of Phobos Hybrid case 1986
R.O.B. Robot Hybrid case 1986
Marble Answering Machine Physical computing 1992
Dangling String Ambient computing, calm computing 1995
Barbie Fashion Designer Hybrid case 1996
Tamagotchi Virtual pet 1996
LEGO Video Games From physical to digital 1997
LEGO Mindtstorms Programmable toy 1998
Talk With Me Barbie PC enhanced 1999
Zowie (Ellie’s Enchanted Quest & Redbeard’s Pirate Quest) Hybrid case 1999
LEGO Studios From physical to digital 2000
LEGO Bionicle Transmedia franchise 2000
DiamondTouch Tangible user interfaces 2001
LEGO Spybotics Programmable toy 2002
Ambient Orb Ambient computing 2002
Boktai Mixed reality 2003
LEGO Digital Designer Service 2004
Robosapien Programmable toy 2004
Etsy.com Company, service 2005
iGuy Playful protection case 2005
Littlest Pet Shop Transmedia franchise 2005
Webkinz Transmedia franchise 2005
Bin Weevils Transmedia franchise 2007
FigurePrints World of Warcraft 3D printing 2007
Moshi Monsters Transmedia franchise 2007
The Eye of Judgment (PS3) AR 2008
Foursquare Service 2009
Invizimals (PSP) AR 2009
Night of the Living Dead Pixels Paper app 2009
Sony EyePet Hybrid case (AR) 2009
Angry Birds plushies From digital to physical 2010
Monster High Transmedia franchise 2010
Woogie Slip-in 2010
LEGO Hero Factory Transmedia franchise 2010
AppToyz AppBlaster App toy 2011
AppToyz AppCopter Hybrid case (remote control) 2011
AppToyz AppRacer Hybrid case (remote control) 2011
AppToyz AppWheel Appcessories 2011
Atari Arcade Appcessories 2011
Cut the Rope plushies From digital to physical 2011
Disney Appmates Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2011
Duo Plink App toy 2011
Duo Pop App toy 2011
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case Playful protection case, Appcessories 2011
HappiTaps Slip-in 2011
HeroClix (video game franchises) From digital to physical 2011
iCade Arcade Cabinet Appcessories 2011
iHelicopters App toy 2011
iPieces (iPawns) (Game of the Goose, Snakes & Ladders, Air Hockey and Magnetic Fish Game) Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2011
LEGO CUUSOO Facilitator, Service 2011
LEGO Life of George Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2011
Mechatars Hybrid case 2011
Sifteo Cubes Hybrid case 2011
Skylanders Hybrid case 2011
Sphero Hybrid case (remote control) 2011
SpotPass and StreetPass (Nintendo 3DS) Location based gaming 2011
The Ghost Family Paper app 2011
The Game Changer Hybrid case 2011
Akodomon Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
Alien Jailbreak Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
Angry Birds Action Game From digital to physical 2012
AppTag Laser Blaster App toy 2012
AppToyz (AppFinity) AppFishing App toy 2012
AppToyz AppControl Appcessories 2012
AppToyz AppDrive Appcessories 2012
AppToyz AppQuiz App toy 2012
Balloon paperApp Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
Bandai Hybrid Grade action figurines AR, Collectibles 2012
Bandai TechPet Virtual pet 2012
CityVille Monopoly From digital to physical 2012
CTA Digital Inflatable Sports Car for iPad (Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob, TMNT) Playful protection case 2012
Desk Pets (Carbot, Tankbot, etc.) Hybrid case (App toy) 2012
Dora the Explorer Let’s Play Backpack App toy 2012
Draw Something boardgame From digital to physical 2012
Duo Gamer Appcessories 2012
Duo Pinball App toy 2012
Elite CommandAR App toy 2012
ePawn Facilitator 2012
FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd From digital to physical 2012
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Monkey Playful protection case, Appcessories 2012
Foam Fighters Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
Furby (2012 edition) Toy with app, Virtual toy 2012
Hasbro Nerf Lazer Tag App toy 2012
Hasbro zAPPed Hybrid case 2012
Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders App toy 2012
iHelicopters: Insects App toy 2012
iHelicopters: iUFO App toy 2012
iPieces (iPawns) (Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Pool and Ludo) Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
L’Atlas Plus Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
Little Printer Papercrafting, From digital to physical 2012
Makie dolls 3D printing, adult collectibles 2012
Mattel Apptivity Hybrid case (Appcessories tuoteperhe) 2012
Mega Bloks (World of Warcraft, Halo) From digital to physical 2012
Micro Moshlings Transmedia franchise 2012
Minecraft collectibles Adult collectibles, from digital to physical 2012
Minecraft foam weapons From digital to physical 2012
Minecraft papermasks From digital to physical 2012
Monde Binaire: Hello World Paper app 2012
Monsterology Hybrid case 2012
Mysterious RayGun Hybrid case 2012
Oriboo Movement based 2012
Parrot AR Drone 2 Hybrid case (remote control) 2012
Spellshot Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
TheO Hybrid case (App toy) 2012
Thomas & Friends: Steam Team Station App toy 2012
TriForce Gears of War chainsaw assault rifle From digital to physical, Collectibles 2012
Ubooly Slip-in 2012
Where’s My Water boardgame From digital to physical 2012
Words With Friends boardgame From digital to physical 2012
WowWee AppGear Hybrid case (Appcessories tuoteperhe) 2012
YetYet Slip-in 2012
Zombie Burbz Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2012
Minecraft Creeper Hoodie From digital to physical 2012
Laser Pegs Construction App Toy with app 2012
App Train (?) App toy 2012(?)
Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror / Vanity Play App toy 2013
Bejeweled Boardgame From digital to physical 2013
BERG Cloud Twitter Cuckoo Clock Hybrid case 2013
Cut the Rope Playground Toy From digital to physical 2013
Disney Infinity Hybrid case 2013
Dungeon Light Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2013
iHelicopters Mini Brick Cars App toy 2013
iHelicopters: iSpy Tank App toy 2013
iPotty Playful protection cases 2013
LEGO City Police High Speed Chase set Physical to DLC 2013
Pokemon Tretta Lab Hybrid case (Appcessories) 2013
Smart PJ’s Interactive Pajama Hybrid case (Household product) 2013
Traffic Hybrid case 2013
Pokemon Rumble U Hybrid case 2013
Dice+ Hybrid case (Appcessories, Facilitator) 2013
Gigo Future Car App toy 2013
AppToyz AppLingz Slip-in 2013~
AppToyz AppSing App toy 2013~
Cartamundi Olfacio (smelling cards app) App toy 2013~
Disney Dream Play Hybrid case (AR) 2013~
Oculus Rift VR 2013~
RoboMe App toy / robot pet 2013~
Romo App toy / robot pet 2013~
Polaroid Socialmatic camera Printing, hybrid case 2014~
TeeGee plush toy Slip-in (not released)
WeeWaa Slip-in (not released)
Proxy War Service (not released)

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