A Research Project on Hybrid Experiences


Hybrid Experiences (Hybridex) is a TEKES (The Finnish Technology Fund) funded research project conducted by University of Tampere Gamelab. It is focused on the emerging field of hybrid entertainment products that combine a physical user experience with a digital one. An example of this are the application-toy hybrids, such as Skylanders, Disney AppMates, and the new 2012 Furby. This research blog aims to showcase the project to the outside world while gathering field notes and example cases.

Hybridex: The most important product innovations of the future will be made at the borderline of physical and immaterial realities. New technologies enable development where immaterial products become materialized in novel ways, while material product and environment will be augmented with digital services. In this evolution the immaterial, digital services and material products will form multifaceted value networks. The creative and playful design solutions and user cultures will form the basis for the utilization of these novel potentials in design of innovative and engaging experiences. Hybrid Experiences (Hybridex), a two year strategic project funded by The Finnish Technology Fund (TEKES), will inaugurate research to produce new knowledge about the user experience of future playful hybrid services and products, about their design principles, and about the user-centred methods for researching and developing them.


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