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NunoErin Interactive Furniture

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NunoErin_1NunoErin collection of interactive furniture includes tables, benches and other seats. The furniture react to human touch by lighting up in a stylized pixel graphics where they are touched allowing users to draw playful messages on them.

NunoErin interactive furniture light up in a tranquil manner when they are touched. The surface of the furniture sports a layer of lights reminiscent of pixel graphic. Whether it is a fingertip, a broad swipe of full arm or somebody’s behind, the lights on the bench light up from the touched position swiftly and responsively in several colors. Lights are pleasantly mellow – the stated design intention of NunoErin is to create calming and soothing ambience through its products. Touching something is an evocative experience and interactive lights encourage users to playful and positive mood. For example: one user leaves her mark on the bench, somebody else modifies it, another one wants to communicate a message via the bench, and so NunoErin_2on. Besides the pixel surface, there is also another type of layer on which a hand print, for example, stays as if it was dipped in paint, only to fade away in a while. The company offers also versions of benches that come with a surface for recharging smart phones wirelessly.


Author: teehex

Heikki Tyni is a researcher for the Hybridex project at University of Tampere Gamelab. Into comics and old movies.

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