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LEGO CUUSOO 3Started by Lego in 2008, Lego CUUSOO is a website that allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets. Currently, three sets have been released with a fourth one in pre-production.

Users may create a page about their proposed idea for a set. Once the project reaches 10,000 supporters it is reviewed by the Cuusoo team who then decide on whether to produce it. Currently three sets have been produced: Shinkai 6500 (a Japanese research submarine), Hayabusa (a Japanese satellite) and Minecraft Microworld (based on the hit game). A fourth set based on the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future movies is in pre-production.

A number of sets based on specific intellectual properties have been rejected because due to the content matter presented. References to alcohol, sex, drugs, religious references, post-WWII warfare and for example FPS games are deemed inappropriate for younger Lego fans. Such rejected IPs include, among others, Firefly and Shaun of the Dead. Lego also rejected My Little Pony -themed project due to the property being owned by rival toy manufacturer Hasbro.


Author: Heikki Tyni

Heikki Tyni is a researcher at Tampere University Game Research Lab. His work concentrates on the game industry, and specifically on game production studies.

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