A Research Project on Hybrid Experiences

48 hour Bebbu-experiment (SCORE game jam)

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Bebbu was made on a game jam October, 2012 organized by a local gaming club SCORE at Tampere, Finland. He was ideated, designed, programmed and sewn in less than 48 hours.

Description of the prototype:
Bebbu is a hybrid toy, a smartphone slip-in plushie targeted to adults. He is a middle-aged plushie-monster that is bolding from more than one place. He would like to be a super-hero, but his life is so miserable, that the only place he can be happy, is when he is asleep. Player helps him stay happy with happy thoughts while he dreams. He features a naked butt that is covered with his super-hero-cape. When held on one hand, the user touches Bebbus butt.

Game design: Kati Alha
Toy design: Annakaisa Kultima
Graphic design: Ilkka Tauriainen
Programming: Juhani Hujala

The process (from the perspective of Annakaisa Kultima):


Very short period of ideating: I had been thinking to utilize jamming to Hybridex topics, so I pitched physical/digital concept with this character.

I went back home to get some supplies and my sewing machine.

I started with first prototype of the Hybbi slip-in doll.

22:30 We added “a butt-feature” to the character. It was first only a joke, but then very shortly decided to actually include it to the physical design.


I brought more supplies and some inspirational stuff from the work (book of toys and similar product; Happy Happitat).


During the night, I put together the toy: it was ready somewhere around 4am or later. I tidied the workstation & went back to home to sleep.

Came back to help with presentation (only 30 minutes time).

Kati improvised one last piece of the description while presenting: “Bebbu is bolding from not only one place”. It made sense.

The experience was fun, we learned a lot and it was also a good start for the experiments in this project.

Some lessons learned + notes:

  • We started with loose “Hybbi” fiction, but ended up with a character, that might be just a relative of Hybbi and changed his name to Bebbu.
  • Original Hybbi character was too “simple” to provide more tactile experiences with fur and all other surfaces.
  • Original Hybbi had too short hands for more fun character
  • Original Hybbi was too tamed/childish for adult audience
  • The game program ended up much more simple than original design was about.
  • The graphic designer did not work too iteratively and we had a too little time to sync the styles of physical and digital realms; the art ended up being slightly different than what I expected.
Photo 28.10.2012 11.56.29

Bebbu and iPhone.

Photo 28.10.2012 11.56.55

Inserting the iPhone.

Photo 28.10.2012 11.57.39

The bold butt of Bebbu – behind the cape.

Photo 27.10.2012 22.37.10


Photo 28.10.2012 11.55.29

The gameplay of Bebbu: push good thoughts into the brain, push bad thoughts outward. If too many bad thoughts gets into the head of Bebbu, he wakes up and screams.


Author: aakoo

Game researcher, lecturer, designer and a jamtivist.

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