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Zombie Burbz

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ImageIn Zombie Burbz, an appcessory game for iPad, player controls a zombie by utilizing a zombie action figure. By moving the figurine on iPad players fend off attacking humans with screams, burps, and other weapons, and lure them into traps.    

In Zombie Burbz, developed by WowWee as a part of its AppGear line, the zombies want to keep up with the Joneses, not eat them. Player is tasked with fighting off angry mobs of the living and feed the zombies with their preferred food, garbage. The game box contains three collectable figurines, one deluxe figure, a storage ring for the deluxe figure and one quick start guide. The game is controlled with the deluxe figure. Each deluxe zombie figure unlocks its own unique storyline and missions (there are four Zombie Burbz packs: Avenue, Services, High and Diner).

The player controls the game by moving the zombie figure on the iPad with one hand, directing it to face the right direction of oncoming enemies, while the other hand taps virtual iPad buttons, deploying different weapons. This way, the gameplay actually resembles old school arcade style gaming, as the player appears to be holding a small joystick, while hitting the “arcade cabinet” buttons with her other hand.


Author: Heikki Tyni

Heikki Tyni is a researcher at Tampere University Game Research Lab. His work concentrates on the game industry, and specifically on game production studies.

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